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Understanding Order Syncing with Etsy
Understanding Order Syncing with Etsy

Keep Track of Your Orders and Ensure Timely Fulfillment

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Managing orders is a critical part of running your Etsy shop with Subliminator. Here’s how order syncing works and what you need to know.

Key Points:

  1. Sync Frequency:

    • Orders are synced between Subliminator and Etsy every 2 hours. This means that any new orders placed on Etsy will be reflected in your Subliminator account within this timeframe.

  2. Handling Payment Delays:

    • Only orders with cleared payments are synced. If a payment hasn’t cleared within the 2-hour window, the order will be synced in the next cycle once the payment clears. This ensures that you only process orders that are fully paid for, avoiding any potential issues with unpaid orders.

  3. Check Sync Status:

    • Regularly check your Subliminator dashboard to ensure all orders are being synced properly. If you notice any discrepancies, it might be due to a payment delay or other issues that will be resolved in the next syncing cycle.

  4. Manual Syncing:

    • If you need to sync orders immediately, you can manually trigger a sync from the Subliminator dashboard. This is useful if you want to process an order without waiting for the automatic 2-hour cycle.

Note: Always verify the payment status of your orders in Etsy to ensure they are processed smoothly in Subliminator.

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