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Setting Up Personalization on Etsy/Subliminator
Setting Up Personalization on Etsy/Subliminator

Offer Customized Products to Increase Customer Engagement

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Offering personalization can make your products more attractive to buyers. Here's how to manage personalized orders using the Subliminator app, starting with the details provided by customers on Etsy.

Steps to Manage Personalized Orders:

  1. Receive Order Notification:

    • When a customer places an order with personalization on Etsy, you will receive an order notification on both Etsy and your Subliminator app.

  2. View Personalization Details on Etsy:

    • Log in to your Etsy seller account.

    • Go to "Shop Manager" and click on "Orders & Shipping" to view the details of the order.

    • Find the specific order and review the personalization details provided by the customer (e.g., name, custom text).

  3. Log in to Subliminator:

  4. Access the Orders Section:

    • Click on "Orders" in the Subliminator dashboard. Here, you will see a list of all your current orders, including those with personalization requests.

  5. Update the Design:

    • Find the personalized order in your Subliminator dashboard and click on it to view the details.

    • Use the Subliminator design tools to apply the customer's personalization request to the product. Ensure the design reflects the customer's instructions accurately.

  6. Save and Process:

    • Once you have updated the design, save the changes and proceed with processing the order. Subliminator will handle the production and shipping based on the updated design.

  7. Communicate with the Customer:

    • If needed, communicate with the customer through Etsy to confirm personalization details or clarify any requests. Clear communication helps ensure customer satisfaction and accurate order fulfillment.

Note: Personalization details must be reviewed on Etsy and then manually applied in the Subliminator app. Changes made directly in the Etsy listing will not affect the product design.

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