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What if an order hasn’t arrived?
Updated over a week ago

There can be several scenarios in which an order wasn't delivered to your customer. Below you can find these scenarios explained and the actions that can be taken.

1. If the tracking shows it was delivered:
If the package was marked as delivered by the carrier, but the customer reports they have yet to receive it, Subliminator will not cover the cost of any reshipment or refund.

There may be cases where the delivery was made, but the package was left in an unexpected location at the customer's address. Customers should reach out to the carrier and inquire if any additional details were left by the delivery person.

At peak times (like Christmas and other holidays), please do allow a little longer time for your order to arrive.

2. If the tracking shows the package was returned to sender - Incorrect Address

We will not refund nor assume liability for orders that are lost due to the incorrect shipping address provided. Sellers may request a reshipment attempt but will be responsible for fees associated with the manufacturing of the reshipment.

3. If tracking shows no info or movement

If an order has not been successfully delivered and it has been more than 60 calendar days since the order was processed, the seller may request a refund or reshipment free of charge.

4. Orders seized by customs due to copyright infringement

We will not refund nor assume liability for orders that are lost due to copyright and trademark claims.

By uploading or saving a design in the Subliminator App you agree that:

- You hold the rights to commercially reproduce this design.
- You also release Subliminator from any claims made as a result of any property right infringement.
- You understand that infringement of property rights is illegal. If you have any doubt as to the legal ownership of a design you should check with the rightful owner that you are able to use the design before uploading.
- You understand that Subliminator acts under your instructions and are not obligated in any way to check or confirm the legal use of reproducing any designs.
- You agree to indemnify and defend Subliminator for any claims made as a result of alleged infringements including copyrights, trademark, rights of publicity, or other intellectual property claims, including any payments for damages sustained by a claimant and attorneys’ fees incurred by you to defend against any claims made.

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