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Resolving "Item Doesn't Ship to Your Location" Issues
Resolving "Item Doesn't Ship to Your Location" Issues

A Guide to Adjusting Shopify Store Shipping Settings

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At times, customers may encounter a message stating "the item you added doesn't ship to your location" while trying to purchase a product from your store. This is usually a result of certain shipping settings on your Shopify store. This article will guide you on how to adjust these settings to ensure your products are available to your target customers.

​Understanding Shopify's Shipping Settings

Shopify has introduced shipping locations that can have different available shipping zones. This means that your products may be set to ship only to certain countries. If a customer tries to order a product from a location that is not included in your shipping zones, they may see the "item doesn't ship to your location" message.

​Adjusting Your Shipping Settings

To check and adjust your shipping settings, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopify Account.

  2. Go to Settings > Shipping & Delivery.

  3. Click on "Manage rates".

  4. Check the shipping zones and prices.

You should ensure that your shipping zones cover all the locations where you expect customers to order from. If any zones are missing, you can add them here.

​Getting Help from Shopify Support

If you are not confident adjusting these settings yourself, we recommend reaching out to Shopify support. They can walk you through the process and ensure you get it done correctly.

When contacting Shopify support, it's important to mention that you are using print-on-demand apps, and not shipping items yourself. This information will help them provide the most accurate and helpful guidance.


Adjusting your shipping settings can help resolve issues where customers see a "the item you added doesn't ship to your location" message. It's important to ensure your shipping zones are correctly set up to avoid losing potential sales. If you need further assistance with this or any other issues, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. We're here to help ensure your success with Subliminator.

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