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Handling Image Limits on Etsy
Handling Image Limits on Etsy

Make the Most of Etsy’s 10-Image Limit with Subliminator Mockups

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Etsy allows up to 10 images per product listing. Here's how to optimize your images to showcase your products effectively.

Image Management Tips:

  1. Select Mockups Wisely:

    • In the Subliminator app, you can select up to 9 mockups. Make sure to choose images that showcase different angles and details of your product. For example, include close-ups of unique features and full-view shots of the product.

  2. Upload to Etsy:

    • Log in to your Etsy account and go to the “Listings” section under "Shop Manager".

    • When creating or editing a listing, upload the mockups you selected from Subliminator. Use the remaining image slot for any additional photos or graphics (e.g., size charts, packaging images).

  3. Optimize Image Quality:

    • Ensure all images are high-resolution and well-lit. This improves the visual appeal of your product listings and can increase your chances of making sales.

Note: Utilize all available image slots to provide a comprehensive view of your product. This helps potential buyers make informed purchasing decisions.

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