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Chinese New Year 2023 - Order Deadlines
Chinese New Year 2023 - Order Deadlines

Our Chinese New Year order deadlines

Updated over a week ago

A heads up regarding Chinese New Year (CNY). Chinese New Year is the longest holiday in China. In many cases, factory workers live in dormitories, and CNY is one of the few times the workers can return home to spend some quality time with their families. However in our case luckily 95% of our team is based in the same city as our factory, namely Shaoxing. This means that we are able to keep our factory closing time to a bare minimum, while still giving our staff the needed time off.

For merchants like yourself as well as your customers, this period is never convenient. But we do appreciate your understanding.

So what does this mean for you?

🚚 - Shipping will be closed from January 19 until January 28, 2023.

🏭 - Our factory will be closed from January 16 until January 31, 2023.

βš™οΈ - We will process all orders that we receive until January 13th CET and get them shipped out before the closure of our factory on January 16th.

πŸ“¦ - From February 1st we will continue production on all orders that are unfulfilled from this period.

Please make sure to set the right expectations for your customers during this period.

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