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What image size should I use?
What image size should I use?
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With Subliminator, all our products have their own individual design templates. These design templates can be found in Product & Pricing → Product Info

Here you will see that each product has its own Product Info button with additional info about the product, and the download button for the design templates.

The design templates will really help you to position certain design elements, take advantage of the full canvas of the product, and making sure that your design is not in a low resolution. The majority of our products require 150 dpi. Because of the dye sublimation printing method used, there is no visual difference between a file that has 300 dpi or 150 dpi.

So 150 dpi is enough for all products?

There are some products that are excluded from this, where we do require 300 dpi. This is because these use a different printing technique called UV printing. The details with UV printing are much higher, so it's highly recommended to take advantage of this higher resolution in printing when uploading your design files. This currently applies to the following products: 20oz Tumbler - AOP

Please note: Our generator is set to 150 dpi (and 300 dpi for the 20oz tumbler). As not everybody is an expert at uploading images in the correct resolution, so this way we're able to maintain the correct standard.

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