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Subliminator Credits Explained
Subliminator Credits Explained

Title: Navigating Your Subscription Credits on Subliminator

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As Subliminator continues to innovate, we're introducing a dynamic credit system that integrates with our growing suite of tools. This guide will provide you with an at-a-glance overview of how credits are used, ensuring you can fully leverage the capabilities of your subscription plan.

Credits Overview:
Credits are your gateway to Subliminator’s suite of features. They're used across various tools on the platform, each with a specific credit cost. Below is a table that breaks down the credit costs for actions within our platform.

Credit Usage Table:



Credit Cost


Design Library


15 credits

Per design download

Design Library


1 credit

Per design applied to product



15 credits

Per personalized product published

*Download: Each time you download a design from Subliminator's Design Library to use outside our platform, it will cost 15 credits. This is separate from applying a design to a product within the platform, which has a different credit cost.

*Usage: Applying a design from Subliminator's Design Library directly to a product within the platform uses 1 credit per design. This is a cost-effective way to utilize our expansive library for your product designs.

*Publishing: Publishing a product that includes personalized elements, like custom text or images that customers can configure, requires 15 credits for each product published. This feature enhances customer engagement with your products.

Keeping Track of Your Credits:

Your credit balance and usage can always be found in the 'Subscription & Billing' section under the 'Usage' tab. It's updated in real-time, giving you a clear picture of your remaining credits.

Credits Expiry and Top-Up:
Your monthly subscription credits are meant to be used within the billing cycle. They do not roll over to the next month and will expire if not used. If you find yourself in need of more credits, you can purchase top-up credit packs which have no expiration and provide additional flexibility for your projects.

Purchasing and Using Top-Up Credits:

To ensure that you never run out of credits and can continue creating without interruption, Subliminator offers the option to buy additional credits. These top-up packs add to your credit balance and are available for use immediately upon purchase.

Good to know:

Unlike monthly credits, these top-up credits never expire, allowing you to save them for future use, whenever you need them.

Active Subscription and Top-Up Credits:

While top-up credits offer the flexibility of not expiring, they do require an active subscription plan to be utilized. This is because the tools and features that credits unlock are maintained and improved as part of the ongoing value provided by our subscription services.

  • Subscription Plan: Your access pass to Subliminator’s exclusive tools and features.

  • Top-Up Credits: These give you the extra boost within the boundaries of your plan. Think of them as bonus tokens that enhance your subscription.


If your plan lapses, here's what you need to know:

  • Pause in Usage: The premium features and tools that credits apply to will become inaccessible without an active subscription, hence pausing the usage of any accumulated top-up credits.

  • Resuming Access: Once you reactivate or subscribe to a new plan, any previously purchased top-up credits will be available again for immediate use.

What to Do With Unused Top-Up Credits:

We encourage you to consider your creative needs and plan accordingly. Should you choose not to renew your subscription, your top-up credits will remain in your account. They are ready to be activated whenever you decide to return to an active subscription status with Subliminator.

Managing Orders with Design Library Content:

If your subscription plan is inactive, orders using Design Library content will be paused. You'll be notified by email and prompted to reactivate your subscription to proceed with fulfillment. Reactivation will lift the hold and allow your orders to continue processing seamlessly.

Tip: Maintain an active subscription to ensure uninterrupted order fulfillment, especially during peak sales periods.


Subliminator's credit system is tailored to support your growth and adapt to your workflow. With transparent tracking and easy top-up options, you can focus on creating and selling without worrying about limits. Keep this guide handy to stay informed about your credits and make the most of your Subliminator experience.

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