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Managing Sharp Edges on Freeform Products
Managing Sharp Edges on Freeform Products

Understanding and Controlling Edge Smoothing for Freeform Product Designs

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Creating visually appealing freeform products often involves managing the edges of your designs. At Subliminator, we've implemented a system to automatically smooth out sharp edges for the best manufacturing results. This article explains why this happens and how you can control the process.

​Automatic Edge Smoothing

When you upload a design for any of our freeform products and it has sharp edges, our software automatically smoothens these edges. This modification is essential for the manufacturing process as it helps our factory team add the necessary sewing along the edges of the product.

However, this might result in the edges of the design appearing rounded or slightly cut-off. This is not a glitch or error, but rather an intentional feature designed to ensure the best possible final product.

​Controlling Edge Smoothing

If you prefer to have more control over the edge smoothing process, you have the option to apply your own smoothing before uploading the design. By manually rounding or smoothing the edges of your design, you can predict and control how the final product will look, without leaving it up to the automated process.

Please keep in mind that designs with sharp edges may cause difficulties in the manufacturing process, which is why we advise applying some form of smoothening regardless.


Understanding the need for edge smoothing and how to apply it can help you create better designs for our freeform products. If you have any further questions about designing for freeform products or any other aspects of our design process, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. We're here to help you create the best possible products for your customers.

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