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Can I order a sample?
Can I order a sample?

All the info you need when ordering samples

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Subliminator allows merchants to order products with a 10% discount and see how their designs look in real life.

At the same time you can use these samples for your creatives, such as ads, social media and any other way to show what your products look like in real life!

As your business grows, your monthly sample order limit also grows.

With your first sample order(s) there is no minimum requirement:

  • 10% discount on 3 units - Can be spread across multiple orders until total number of 3 units has been reached. A Subliminator combo product counts as 2 units.

Requirements for additional sample order(s):

Quantity sold in previous month

10 - 49 Units

50 - 99 Units

100+ Units

Discount in current month




How many units can be ordered in current month?




Your monthly sample allowance is reset to the unit/order maximum each time you sell over it.

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