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Understanding Stitching Color Selection in Subliminator Products
Understanding Stitching Color Selection in Subliminator Products

A Deep Dive into the Process and Factors Influencing Stitching Colors

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In the world of custom product creation, attention to detail is crucial, and one such detail is the stitching color. At Subliminator, we understand the importance of color consistency, especially in the stitching of our products. This article aims to clarify how we handle stitching color selection, what influences these decisions, and why you might observe variations in stitching color throughout your product.

Automatic Stitching Color Matching

One of the key processes we use to ensure the quality of our products involves automatic stitching color matching. This is a human-guided procedure where we choose the most fitting stitching colors based on the design of the product. For instance, if the dominant color in the design is red, we opt for red stitching. This approach allows the stitching to seamlessly blend with your design, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the product.

Multi-Color Designs and Stitching

At times, a product design includes multiple colors. In such instances, our team makes a decision about which color to use for stitching. This decision is guided by the need to maintain overall coherence and aesthetic balance in the product.

This could mean that the stitching color covers a portion of the design where it matches the body color and then continues partly onto a different color area. It's a careful decision designed to maintain the product's visual integrity.


In summary, the selection of stitching colors at Subliminator is a carefully considered process, guided by the design's dominant colors and aesthetic considerations. This process might result in some variations in stitching color throughout the product, especially in designs featuring multiple colors.

We hope this article helps clarify the process behind the selection of stitching colors in our products. Should you have further queries or concerns, please reach out to our customer support team. We're always here to help.


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